Cataract Evaluation

The first step in treating cataracts is by having a thorough cataract consultation. The consultation will determine the severity of your cataracts and the best options for removing them.

Be assured that our cataract consultation is thorough and complete. We will take our time to examine all of the characteristics of your eye, the retina, and the condition of the lens. We ask that you set aside several hours for this exam. A comprehensive series of measurements performed during this visit will supply us with all the data needed to ensure the best possible outcome.

During cataract surgery, we will replace the lens of your eye with a synthetic lens. Advancing technology has produced new and exciting options of these synthetic lenses, known as Intraocular Lenses or IOLs. The measurements from the exam will provide our surgeons with the information they need to recommend the best IOLs for you. Learn more about your options for advanced lenses.

Many of our patients find the exam and consultation process enlightening and fascinating. We take pride in answering every question you might have.

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