Cataract Surgery Day

At MedEye Associates, we pride ourselves on continually being on the leading edge of the newest technology and techniques to give our patients the best vision possible. The procedure and technology we use for cataract surgery no longer requires patches, thick glasses, or even stitches for our patients.

The procedure for removing cataracts still involves removing your natural lens. With today’s advanced technology, a skilled surgeon can remove the lens from a microscopic incision that will heal on its own. This incision is made at the very edge of the cornea. Once the lens is removed, the surgeon will then place the intraocular lens, or IOL, into the eye. Once the IOL is correctly in place, the procedure is complete.

Adding the IOL in Cataract Surgery

The whole process takes about 10-15 minutes per eye. There is about a two week break in between surgery for each eye, to ensure proper healing.

With the skill and precision of our surgeons, cataract removal is a relatively simple, outpatient procedure. In general, patients experience little or no discomfort and can usually return to their normal activities within days after surgery.

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