Routine Eye Care

Routine eye care is often overlooked. It is not until a major event happens that we even think twice about getting our eyes checked.

What most patients do not understand is that a routine eye exam can often mean the difference between diagnosing and treating diseases early or waiting until they progress with severe consequences.

Regular exams are very important if you have a personal or family history of eye problems. Even if your eyes seem fine when you are young, it often doesn’t take much for an issue or disease to rapidly progress. Age becomes a big factor with common eye problems as well.

Eye exam at MedEye Associates

People with diabetes or a family history of eye disease should have their eyes examined at least once a year. Diabetes in particular can lead to very serious eye complications.

Diagnosis of eye disorders is initially based on the symptoms that a person is experiencing, the appearance of the eyes, and the results of an examination. It is important to know that certain eye diseases do not have symptoms. That is why seeing your eye doctor regularly is crucial.

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