Treatments for Glaucoma

Early diagnosis is the key in treating glaucoma. There is no known cure but there are options in preventing the loss of eyesight.


Pills and eye drops can be used to treat primary open-angle glaucoma. These are used to treat the pressure in the eye and although they won’t fully cure the patient, they can be used successfully to help the patient retain their vision. Drops and pills can also be used for angle-closure glaucoma, in addition to medicine that may be administered through an IV. This will lower the pressure immediately.

Laser Treatment

Lasers can be used on glaucoma patients as a gentle way of opening up the drainage canals. This process is called an iridotomy – opening a new canal for drainage to relieve pressure.


If the patient isn’t a candidate for laser surgery, then a traditional surgery called filtering microsurgery may be recommended. During filtering microsurgery, the surgeon will create a very tiny new drainage canal to allow the fluid to bypass the original canals and drain through the new canal. This process may be repeated if necessary and can be completed multiple times without substantial risk.

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